Morning and Evening Prayer

Daily Offices from the New Zealand Prayer Book (Anglican)

Recorded by the Rev David Guthrie


Daily Prayer Offices for the Week


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Wednesday Morning   26 November

Wednesday Evening   26 November

Thursday Morning     27 November

Thursday Evening     27 November

Friday Morning         28 November

Friday Evening         28 November

Saturday Morning     29 November

Saturday Evening     29 November

Sunday Morning         30 November

Sunday Evening         30 November

Monday Morning        1 December

Monday Evening        1 December

Tuesday Morning       2 December

Tuesday Evening       2 December

Wednesday Morning  3 December

Wednesday Evening   3 December

Thursday Morning     4 December

Thursday Evening     4 December

Friday Morning         5 December

Friday Evening         5 December 

Saturday Morning     6 December

Saturday Evening     6 December 



Offices for the Second Week of Lent

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Sunday Morning

Sunday Evening

Monday Morning