eBooks by David Guthrie


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Faith Story

This book explores the way in which the Christian faith narrative has undergone a radical change and that change is revolutionising Christianity.

Global God

The thesis of this book is that global culture will generate a single global spirituality to support the culture, with major implications for Christianity. Can Christianity be the heart of this global spirituality: and if that is possible, how will Christianity change and adapt to fill that role?

Radical Sermons, Vol 1 - Advent and Christmas Year A

This is the first volume of a planned series to cover each Sunday of the year, over thre three-year cycle of readings. The sermons currently on this website will form Volume 7, also to be published as an ebook.

Walk the Edge

A novel written by David Guthrie at a period when he faced the prospect of his death. The novel explores the themes of life and death, creativity, marriage and many other themes. Although not biographical of the events of David's own life, the novel was written daily and tracked the process whereby David himself rediscovered his faith. (The day dating in the novel reflected a day's writing in the real-time process, though the dates do not correspond with actual time).