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Tuesday 26 May    Augustine, first Archbishop of Canterbury, Missionary, 605

Day of Prayer for the Ministry of the Church and Ordinands

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Tuesday Morning Prayer with Old Testament

Tuesday Morning Prayer without Old Testament

Ps 132
2 Chronicles 18:1-27
Romans 1:18-end (Text of NT reading)
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Tuesday Evening Prayer with Old Testament

Tuesday Evening Prayer without Old Testament

Joshua 2
Luke 9:28-36 (Text of NT reading)

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Sermon for Pentecost

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Night Prayer for Tuesday

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Morning Medititation

Lord, and what a contrast between these words of Paul's about homosexual relationships and the decision this week in the referendum in Ireland about gay marriage. Nothing could be further from the truth and what Paul wrote, his words caused untold suffering and pain down through the centuries, perhaps even more today than at any time. Given the reverence for Paul's ministry and writing, it has been very hard for the Christian community to recognise that he was wrong in so many things and left the church badly astray. Yet, if it had not been for Paul, we probably wouldn't have a church and all.

This ambiguity in Paul suggests that another example of the ambiguity that is in everything. It is in my own thinking, actions and ideas the same ambiguity appears no less than all Paul. To see it in Paul, where his gospel vision can truly inspire us, is to have the charter that the path of ambiguity is the path of the Spirit.

How, Lord, I wish to live and make our moral choices when everything is ambiguous? Part of the answer came to me after the Affirmation of Faith this morning. “You enable us to the gospel in the world." The people of Ireland, deeply rooted in the Catholic faith, were enabled to be a gospel in the world. They knew from experience that Paul is wrong and they were free to reject him on this issue while still retaining respect and reverence for much of what he said.

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